Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zen and the art of the mixed message

Chris Collision comprises a collocation of niche vices. Back left pocket chew can ring attests to this. Four stars adorn the fingers of his left hand, that he may leering declaim "Four-star fingerbang Right Here, bay-bee!!" He's business cards. Of an evening, he'll take to the boulevard to hawk homemade tshirts reading "Every father is a motherfucker."

A lumpish, beary man; yet does he pull trim (now and again). He shan't refrain from slipping into singing a shanty's refrain, and despite their long acquaintance, you noted blogger, he's 'most No Idea who Rose Selavy might be. Hark!

Collision (upon noting a misunderstanding potentially leading to a conflict, attempts a Joak): Hey, can I help it if I'm the most interesting person I've ever met?

Selavy (characteristically gratuitous with the flatness of her affect and the lightness of her tone): Chris. You're the only person you've ever met.

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Chris Collision said...

This post has a subtitle. That subtitle is:
an' the credo will rock.

Thank you for your time.