Saturday, February 23, 2008

An iconoclastic debut

The noted blogger had the serendipity to find a blog dated 1923 debuting a personality called Chris Collision. Collision, it seems, recalled his introduction to the in medias sneeze Rows Selavy, writing "If I remember correct, when we met she had a pencil mustache, and was calling himself Ross Cellabee, to which Rows replied, 'You do not. Viz., remember correct. Sic.'" The mustache, also known as Our Mutt, had no comment until 1925, where in one of his famous interviews he erased not only himself, but Rows, who was much relieved as she had developed a pesky allergy to lead. The role of Collision in this happy end becomes clear in later blogs, when Collision discovers a cure for Rows and Mutt. But this is not their story. It is the story of the noted blogger.

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