Saturday, February 23, 2008

[from] Roiling the Nite 'Way (a musical for several persons)

[band vamping jauntily]

Collision: If I remember correct, when we met, you sported supported a pencil mustache, and you went by the name Ross Cellabee.
Rose: You don't. Viz., remember correct. Sic.

[band kicks in jazzily]

C: I was trawling, late of the merchant marine--
R: I was drawling, mate to a purging regime.
R & C (firmly): Let's stall the whole thing, boss!

[band backs off]

C: Aw, come off of it. You were building orreries that life under the full moon...that the Hamptons.
R: Me? Or the orreries?
C: Don't be ornery. You learned me the difference b'tween flowery talk and the distant instance(s) built into longing for the brambles.
R: Are you drunk?
C: Naturally.
R: Setting you straight would go something like this.

[band strikes up again, insistent]

R: I had just begun to learn
that my own attempts to earn
a living--in civill service...
would hardly last a year
now let me bend your ear
with its inherent contradictions
C: You were not civil nor did you service--
R: The talk was drivel and the acts were worthless!
C: Hating peons writing poems
is no way to be of use
R: I was pressed into the position
depressed if you want the truth...

[the dance over, they face one another, 2 arms lengths between 'em]

R: I was not civil
C: Their talk was drivel!
R: I did no service
C: Those acts are worthless
R & C: Let's stall the whole thing, boss!

[nice fanfare, curtain, band wheezes]

R (offstage): Wanna see a neat design for an ornithopter?

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Chris Collision said...

Not sure--at ALL--how/why this came out as a snippet of musical theatre. Prolly it looks like I'm aping Pynchon, but I bet I'm really just biting the style of Mister Alan Moore. BTW, the dude what wrote Riddley Walker? (His name does dodge me at the moment.) I'd rather not read him.