Saturday, January 10, 2009

living on earth 101

The Thorn Triad once had a conversation, sometime in the middle 50s, all tweaked out of their fucking minds on speed prescribed so they could reattain their pre-kid figures post-kids. Flawless makeup over pallid skin, their hair starting to fray and stray, motormouthed and intense. Children, in the background, frolicked and scampered in their repressed ways. Mothers leaned toward one another, caparisoned in pastel plastics, ignoring their thin cold coffee in cheap china cups. The conversation they had escaped time and fled to the past. Eventually, the brute fact of vampiric activity combined with this conversation into an idea, and the Ministry of Science began to work on human-driven giant robots. As previously mentioned.*

"What If...a NINJA...was also a VAMPIRE!?"

"Idiot. THere's no such thing as ninjas."

"A highly-trained stealth warrior, a man already capable of evading any eye, penetrating any fortress, snuffing out a life near or far with hand, steel or even magic...suddenly gifted with a thirst for the stuff of very souls... What defense would--could!--humanity mankind muster 'gainst such a dire threat?"

"Obviously, only giant robots, controlled from within by tormented young jocks, could hope to stand between the huddled masses and these shadowy menaces."

"Yes! Technology and magic controlled into organic mineral armor, which can only be controlled by those why can Wear Their Souls on the Outside!"

"The vampires would HUNGER for such souls--"

"Well, yeah. Duh."

"But government magineers would build cunning Infernal Engines to boost the potency of these externalized souls, giving them, probably, the powers of saints-turned-angels! Heavenly fire theirs to command, their heartbeats windstorms--truly are they become Gaia's kidney and liver, filtering out the toxins feeding on her healthy micro-souls...

Yes, and as those filters, they would be able to command demons, tiny flying gremlins, helpmeet monsters with jagged faces and sharp hearts like chipped flint. Little rude tools, those hearts, big as Churchill's fists, and the monsters live strapped 'cross the waists and trunks of heroes, ready in bandoliers to deploy and seize environmental advantages.

Meanwhile, ninja vampires skulk and sneak, owning every darkness and exploding (from a lurk) into the throats of any nightmare. Eat like wolves made of termites, travelling always under the cover of shadow."

*Exposition is hard, guy.

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Chris Collision said...

That first paragraph I just freestyled, but the dialogue stuff above I wrote on the fourth of july last year.

The post before this one I wrote 13 & 15 jul last year, for the record, making this post the backstory of the backstory, making this comment the backstory of the backstory of the backstory.