Saturday, March 8, 2008

Walter Benjamin’s Mustache, a letter

The letter, most often cataloged under “Walter Benjamin’s Mustache,” is secretly archived in the Autobiography of Rows Selavy.


Postcard: doronicum handlebar
[Paris, late June/early July, 1933]

My beautiful thorny triad,

Here’s one of the mustaches. I have wrapped it in milk, and put it on the mouth of every child in Paris. I’ll send the other when I have news of you and Collision and the Inscrutable. Your last letter, in which you describe Trelawney's difficult labor, brought me private pleasure. We last heard of the ‘thopter’s miraculous manifestation seven Saturdays ago. Can you please send more recent news? My memories of TT, the animal parts, the kinky grooming, come back to me as a Jack-in-a-box, the fastest bar of our song, after endless winding. We all develop smudges. Even the mustache grows a mustache in your absence. Please send me three doses of the cure as soon you receive WBM. The children haven’t washed their mouths since March. I remain,

yes yrs frvr
R. Mutt*

The mustache appeared in Brussels eight months later, worn, along with a new style of animal delight, by the ubiquity in the upper classes.

*The noted blogger concedes it germane that Our Mutt, who here signs himself as R. Mutt, did not obtain the legal right to change his name until after the Beloved War, eleven years after TT returned from the South Seas.

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